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One-Stop Custom LCD Display Solutions

We are custom LCD display manufacturer, we can custom LCD display solution according to your demand.
Such as custom TN, STN, VATN, FSTN lcd display, custom lcd display TFT module and custom oled display module with PCB type.
Also including custom frame, backlight brightness, backlight shape, long-life led wick, FPC shape and interface definition, silk-printing your Logo and so on.

Custom LCD Display Screen Service

What is Custom LCD Display Based on?

Our custom LCD display solution would be based on mechanism dimensions, display mode, display pattern &resolution, connection interface, display luminance, power consumption, cost budget, etc.

custom lcd display

4 Main Custom LCD Screen Solutions

Custom Monochrome LCD Display

Total custom monochrome LCD display solution for the following items:

*LCD dimensions,

*display mode(TN,HTN,ETN,STN yellow-green,blue, gray mode, FSTN)

*connection method (FPC,heat seal,zebra,pin),


*driver IC (COG-chip on glass, COB-chip on board),


*display pattern ,

*working temperature,

*viewing angle

Custom TFT LCD Display Module

Custom TFT LCD display module solution for the following items:

* TFT LCD glass

* FPC dimension,

* backlight,

* luminance,

* connection interface

Custom OLED Display Module

Our custom OLED display is based on standard OLED display sizes, and semi-custom make FPC or adding PCB converter with difference interface:

*custom oled display FPC dimension

*custom oled display interface.

*Custom oled display module with PCB

Custom LCD Touch Screen Panel Solution

custom lcd display touch screen panel lcd module customization

Our Custom Process

Custom process

Our process

1.Customer requirements:

Size, resolution, brightness, interface, CTP specification and other requirements, or to drawing, sample for evaluation.

2.We provides solutions:

Evaluate and propose solutions according to customer requirements.

3.Customer confirmation:

The customer confirms the solution provided by us.

4.We offer:

Provide reasonable and advantageous tooling cost quotation and confirm product unit price.

5.Customer payment model fee:

Customer pays the tooling cost.

6.For drawing: 

We design and issue formal drawings for customer’s confirmation.

7.Customer confirms drawings:

The customer has confirmed whether the engineering drawings from us meet the requirements. Please sign back. Our company will change to meet the requirements if necessary.

8.Make Tooling:

According to the drawing confirmed by the customer, we will make the sample.

9.Sample confirmation:

Send the sample to customer for confirmation within the agreed time.

10.Sample debugging:

If customers encounter any difficulties in sample debugging, our engineers will provide technical support as soon as possible.

11.Sample confirmation:

Customer’s sample debugging is completed, and the specification and effect are satisfied.


Determine the final unit price, quantity and delivery time after customer orders to us.

13.Production arrangement:

According to the final sample confirmed by the customer, we arrange the material for production scheduling.

14.Delivery order:

Arrange shipment according to customer’s quality requirement or our standard.

15.After-sales service:

Warranty within one year, provide follow-up technical support.

Our Custom LCD Case Study

Handheld Industrial Imager with 7.0 inch touch screen panel

7 inch lcd display custom lcd screen touch screen module

This tablet includes 7 inch LCD display HD Touch screen,  with 350 nits brightness and customized CTP. It is designed for smart home which has automatic signal adjustment to improve battery life and ensure a reliable connection, and interference circumvention to ensure your signals never get blocked by other wireless protocols.

custom lcd screen process time roadmap

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