How to Judge the Quality of Industrial LCD Displays?

||How to Judge the Quality of Industrial LCD Displays?

How to Judge the Quality of Industrial LCD Displays?

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Nowadays, there are so many brands of industrial display screens on the market, and the quality is also uneven. How should we judge the quality of LCD screens? Scoptronics Technology will explain the skills to you today.

The quality of industrial displays is one of the important criteria for LCD screens: the number of “bright spots”.

What is the “bright spots”? That is, a pixel that continuously illuminates and does not accept the extinction signal appears in the screen of the LCD screen, and is also called “bad point” in the line. The highlights are generally not easy to detect. They must be carefully viewed under the black screen of the industrial display to find out. Now there are also professional software tools for measuring the bad points of the LCD screen, which can be directly tested. The highlights have actually been created in the process of manufacturing LCD panels, so there will be bright spots at the factory.

These screens will have bright spots at the factory, what will the original factory do? The original factory will generally send the screen with the bright spot to the supplier at a low price, so when the price of a supplier is far below the market price, then his screen is definitely a problem.

Industrial LCD Displays

How to judge the effect of industrial display? This is a common question for many consumers. In the selection, no matter how beautiful the industrial display manufacturers say, the technical indicators and the actual performance of the screen are often different, so we still have to “seeing is believing” is the most important.

For some buyers who don’t have much expertise in industrial touch display products, the easiest way is to feel that the displayed picture is very comfortable and the best result. If you look at the first sight and think that the picture is blurred, the font is unclear, and the eyes are uncomfortable, the quality is definitely not good. You need to think twice when purchasing!

If you want to very professionally separate the industrial display is with problem or not, there are still many steps, such as brightness and contrast, highlights, high and low temperature, service life, viewing angle and other aspects of analysis to get a correct conclusion!

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