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LCD and OLED are two completely different display technologies, and are currently widely used in the field of smart phones and flat-screen TVs. At present, most users choose between these two display

LCD Display Maintenance Solution

LCD Display Maintenance LCD Displays are high technical products, it is very sensible, need to handle very carefully, and should maintenance very carefully, we give some tips for how to maintenance LCD

The Main Material Composition of OLED Displays

The materials used in OLED display screens are mainly divided into cathode materials, anode materials, buffer layer materials, carrier transport materials and luminescent materials. Here are their main features.1.Cathode materialThe cathode material

TFT LCD three main process

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD, which is an active matrix type liquid crystal display (AM-LCD), is widely used because of its fast response time and good display quality. It is used in

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